The Importance of Whiskey Dispensers in the Hospitality Industry

The importance of whiskey dispensers in the hospitality industry cannot be dispensed. They play an essential role in making services in bars and other entertainment venues more efficient. With a whiskey dispenser, customers who need another round of drinks need not compete for the bartender’s attention. They allow automatic pouring of beverage into a customer’s wine glass at the press of a button. You will also be sure that the exact amount of liquor is poured into your wine glass.

There are two types of whiskey dispensers, spigots, and guns. It is evident that more and more establishments in the hospitality industry are now using these electronic poring systems. While some may see it as an impersonal way of serving clients, fast and competent service cannot be compromised in a busy environment. Here are some of the reasons why whiskey dispensers may be all around busy bars and other entertainment venues around cities.

whiskey Control of Quantity Poured

You will never discount errors when bartenders do the pouring into customers’ wine glasses. Some may be lucky to have more than what they asked for, while others may have less. Bartenders may also play favorites. It may also be difficult to resist some nagging customers. For the bar owner, having wine dispensers can eliminate mistakes in quantity poured and prevent a bartender’s laxity in performing his task.

Easier Inventory

Although it may still be a challenging task to do inventory on the wine dispensed for a certain period, it is even more efficient than based on the employee’s records assigned to do the job. Comparing two data is better than having one source of information. There may be differences, but the discrepancy should not be huge.

Quality Control

While some customers complain about the lack of personal connection, a bar that uses whiskey dispensers is actually on their favor. Whiskey dispensers make sure that the beverages and wines are at their purest and original states. In some unscrupulous bars, they may employ some additives to gain more. This cannot be the case when whiskey dispensers are used. You can be sure that you are drinking an unadulterated wine.

More Available Workforce

You may not need highly trained bartenders anymore. Because pouring of wine is an integral part of a bartender’s job, applicants may not undergo rigid training. You may have more available workers that are fit for the job.



Aesthetic Value

A sleek whiskey dispenser can genuinely add to the aesthetic value of your establishment. Some come with LED lights of different vibrant colors that certainly make a commercial space more beautiful, most notably at night.…

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