Why Do Dogs Eat Grass

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Dogs usually tend to eat grass. It has been observed that some dogs eat any kind of grass, while others are more selective. Even though it’s a common phenomenon, some people believe that dogs turn to eat grass when they don’t feel well and afterwards they tend to vomit, in order to feel better. Actually, there are a lot of reasons for dogs might be grazing on lawn, but the question remains -why do dogs eat grass?

Dogs find it tasteful

Canines are programmed to search for nutrition anywhere they can possibly find it. For example, many dogs eat every last morsel they can find under the table after a meal. So, it’s quite possible that they find the grass delicious. Or they could be even filling a nutrional need, that their normal food isn’t, life fire. But it has been observed that this kind of behavior usually stops after their owners switch to a high-fiber dog food.

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass Pass their time

Eating grass is just something many dogs do in order to just pass their time, because they are bored. Maybe they are just going up and down in the garden, without knowing what else to do. Or they might eating grass when they feel lonely and their owner don’t play or walk with them often. As an alternative, the owners can provide them with a chew toy or offering them a consistent exercise routine program.

Nutrient deficiency

Many dogs often eat a diet that may not be ideal, especially those ones that end up eating lots of meat, but no vegetables. In order to reduce the grass-eating behavior, the owners can add to their dogs’ meals more fibre, like cooked/grated vegetables or psyllium husks. In fact, there are various online services, that can offer owners some great ideas in order to be able to formulate the best kind of diet for their dog.

Stomach distress

Eating grass may be used by dogs as a self-medication process. Some dogs, when they have stomach troubles they tend to eat grass for relief. This in fact, is more likely to happen if the behavior begins suddenly or if the dog is anxious. Moreover, many dogs tend to vomit after eating grass.

Is it safe?Why Do Dogs Eat Grass

According to many veterinarians, eating grass is considered a normal dog behavior. So, the owners don’t have to worry, as long as there are no dangerous pesticides or fertilizers used on the grass. In addition, if the grass eating behavior is not associated with a number of signs, like nausea or frequent vomiting, and is also not obsessive, the owners don’t have to worry about anything. While dogs don’t gain anything of nutritional value when they eat grass, it also may not hurt them.