How to Select the Right Cable Protector

After the laying of the cables, they should be protected from the movement of heavy-duty equipment, vehicles, and pedestrian traffic. Cables need to be protected since some that carry the electric current is dangerous when left bare. Cable protectors are therefore ideal for a facility, event, convections center, and construction sites.

You should come up with the cost-effective solutions that will prevent the damage that is caused by tripping, heat being produced by some equipment, and wire vibration. The cable protectors are available in various colors, materials, and sizes and are suited for different applications.


blue ethernet cables connected in a server One of the considerations that you will have to make is the number of cables that you want to protect. You can protect more than five wires by using the same protector. In this case, you will insert the different wires in a slot called the channel. What you will need to know when you are selecting the perfect cable protector is the overall diameters of the cables.

You have to ensure that the cables will perfectly fit in the cable protector. This means that you will have to choose one with the correct channel height and width. You should also remember that the channel height will increase if the number of channels on the protector decreases.

Load Capacity

The load capacity is another factor to consider when you are choosing the right cable protector. When we say the load capacity, we refer to what will be crossing over the protector. When you decide to put the cable protector on the road then it should be able to handle capacities of up to 800,000 lbs. per axle.

They should be able to withstand the constant impact and withstand the hundreds of thousands of pounds. Consider the heavy-duty cable protectors which are perfect for the hauling trucks and the light-duty cable protectors that are perfect for utility applications, and pedestrian walking.

Connector Type

It is difficult to get the cable protector that is long. They are usually subdivided into various sections so that they can be maintained and replaced easily. The multiple parts of the cable protectors are typically joined into one by a connector.

When you are choosing the ideal cable protector, you will have to look at the type of the connector. The interlocking design is recommended because it is easy to assemble and disassemble.


LAN cable The cable protectors are typically made of two materials; that is rubber and polyurethane. The cable protectors that are made of rubber are great for light-duty applications, entertainment, light vehicle traffic, and pedestrian traffic. For the best Rubber Cable Protector, click on the highlighted link.

The cable protectors that are made of polyurethane, on the other hand, can withstand extreme weather condition, are light and more durable, and are perfect for general purpose to heavy-duty applications.…

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